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Twins Maternity Session

It  seems like yesterday when I spent the day documenting Jayme and Riley’s Wedding but it was three years ago.  Now they are expecting twins and I spent a wonderful afternoon with them and their beautiful dog making some images to celebrate the “incubating” part of this season in their lives.

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Big Red Barn Family Photo Session

A family photo session can be good or it can be fantastic.  Some clients are interested in having everyone lined up, looking forward with a lovely smile on their face.  I try really hard to give my clients at least a couple of images that satisfy that need.  What my heart hungers for is to make images that show you what your family looks like as you interact and relate to each other.  What does play look like?  What does fun look like?  What does this family  look like as they move through the world with the comfort of their love to lean on?

I often times fall in love with my families.  I fell in love with this family when their youngest was born 2 years ago and I went to the hospital to make their first “we are a family of 4 now” images.  I sent the images to Mom last night and received this email from her:

I am a blubbering mess.

“Verna, your captured the very essence of joy & love in our family. There were so many moments where tears of utter joy welled in my eyes as I stared back at my beautiful boys and their big smiles. My heart is overwhelmed!

Phew, so so grateful for you and the talents God has given you.”

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