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Nathan and Cory 07 . 21 . 07

Nathan and Cory celebrated their wedding at the University of Minnesota Campus Club on a perfect July day!  The ceremony was on the terrace overlooking the campus and downtown Minneapolis.  Guests were entertained with the sweet vocals of Maud Hixson and her Trio .  The food was extraordinary with  a variety of  organic and local food buffets set up throughout the evening.  The first appetizer buffet was called-“Church Picnic, Curry Style”, followed by “Surf and Cake”…it went on and on…………..with champagne, of course!

Nathan and Cory timed their wedding so they could entertain their guest with  a great view of the Aquatennial Fireworks!  No detail was overlooked for this wedding.  It came as no surprise to me that they were unable to choose just ONE favorite image of their splendid day.   

In Nathan’s words:


     There’s no possible way I can pick one favorite-similarly, there’s no favorite moment from our perfect day.  And with regard to the photos, you’ve no one to blame but yourself.

     Here are five of my favorites, and the reason for each:


“Enjoying the day, barely an hour before our wedding.  It’s shocking that we’re so relaxed-more accurately, it’s shocking that I’m so relaxed (without Vodka) (not counting a martini at lunch.)”


“The fireworks started promptly at 10pm, but were miles away and barely visible.  Cory and others worried I would flip out,  Instead I clearly remember thinking, if ruined fireworks are karma’s price for perfect weather, joyful guests, and getting through the vows without crying, etc.-it was a fair price.  And then the actual Aquatennial fireworks began over the Sone Arch Bridge- and I suddenly realized that everything actually was perfect.”


“The end of the night.  After dutifully mingling and saying many goodbyes-Cory and I connect for a last dance.”


“Our iconic wedding picture, courtesy of Verna’s quick eye.”


“An aside-I love that you captured the wedding list on my Blackberry-all items are marked completed, except one: Rhinestone socks!”

 “Thanks Verna for your part in making our day truly magical.  Your amazing pictures take me right back to that day-with all the joy, laughter, and silliness.  Thank You”

 Nathan and Cory, it was a remarkable day filled with love and laughter.  Thank YOU!

Kristin and Darren 08 . 24 . 07

The lovely Kristin and Darren were married on a stunner of a day in August.  The ceremony was celebrated at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.  After the ceremony the wedding party took a tour around the lakes in a limo sipping a little bubbly.  We stopped at Lake Harriet for some picture time.  Kristin and Darren had a moment together as the sailboats drifted by.


 Kristin had this to say about their favorite image:

  “This is our must have!  It captures so many aspects of our relationship.  It’s a tender, intimate moment, yet seems to be a little playful or flirty.  Plus, being surrounded by water, trees and the beautiful weather made it all the more perfect for us.  We appreciate your art and talent so much.  We are grateful for all our images.  You have a gift for making us feel comfortable so we don’t even know you are there so that you are able to capture those special moments. Plus, we had a blast with you!”

 The feeling is mutual!  We headed to Solera after our tour of the lakes for an amazing reception with great music.  The rooftop bar was a favorite place to head for that summer urban feeling.