Martha’s Vineyard Engagement Session

There is nothing quite like having an island, The Island of Martha’s Vineyard,  for someone who is a Minnesota Wedding photographer to shoot an engagement session.  It is breathtaking!

Paul had proposed to Annelise on the beach at Cedar Tree Neck and we set off to make some engagement images for them to treasure for years to come.  They were marvelous adventurers as we went from the pastoral Polly Hill Arboretum to the wildness of the Atlantic Ocean crashing on Lucy Vincent Beach in Chilmark.  Only a wedding photographer from Minnesota could get as excited as I was with the pristine quality of light on Martha’s Vineyard.  We could have stayed on that beach for hours except the setting sun was beckoning us to the other side of the island.

We headed toward the fishing village of  Menemsha and found a wonderful spot on top of a hill with the Elizabeth Islands and the coast of Cape Cod in the distance and watched as the sun began painting the sky with extraordinary colors.  We were all beside ourselves with joy.  There is nothing compared to the joy of dancing on a hill in Martha’s Vineyard as the sun sets and the sky and water are on fire with warm colors.Martha's Vineyar, Lucy Vincent, Beach, Engagement Martha's Vineyard, Polly Hill Arboretum, Engagement Session Lucy Vincent Beach, Martha's Vineyard, Engagement Session Menemsha sunset, Martha's Vineyard Engagment Session Menemsha sunset, Martha's Vineyard Engagment Session, Chilmark Menemsha sunset, Martha's Vineyard Engagment Session, Chilmark Sunset, Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard Engagement,

North Shore Wedding {Jacci+Amy}

Jacci and Amy planned the BEST wedding weekend for themselves and their guests.  Incredible accommodations right on the lake with a delightful bag of tasty favors  and a soup dinner waiting for the arriving guests on Friday night.  John and I were very excited as this was our very first LEGAL same sex wedding.  It was an enchanting weekend.

Every single minute of the three day wedding weekend was filled with love, laughter, and a sense of wonder.  When Jacci and Amy saw each other for the first time Amy took off at a run to get to get into Jacci’s waiting arms.  We headed with the wedding party to Gooseberry falls and entertained everyone with the Super Hero image.  There was a group of visitors up on the ledge nearby who were hooting and hollering and jumping around with approval.

The serenity of Lake Superior lent an aura of awe and appreciation.  The wedding was inside ( nary a dry eye in the place) and we headed out by the lake right after the wedding for a group photo.  As I looked up after I snapped the group of smiling faces I looked across the lake and there was a rainbow.  What a marvelous validation of love.


PS  The cake ROCKED!

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